CarbookPlus at the Gitex Technology Week 2017

8. to 12. October, WidasConcepts will be presenting CarbookPlus, a free, independent platform that automates workflows, helps the driver, enabling a complete and time-saving capture of all relevant data. It provides a comprehensive view of one‘s own mobility and vehicle management right up to the entire vehicle fleet. Discover all this and meet our experts at our booth Z-G4, Zabeel Hall 2, World Trade Center, Dubai. The Future of mobility connects cars and drivers! With CarbookPlus you get there!

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Meet CarbookPlus at theTelematics India 2017 Conference

CarbookPlus is proud to present its product portfolio at the Telematics India 2017 Conference, West Inn – Pune on 17-18 August 2017. We are looking forward to meeting our potential clientele and partners for collaboration and diversification of our platform for Automobile ecosystem. You are cordially invited to visit us at our Exhibition booth (No 3) and we would be happy to give an introduction and demonstration of our products and services. Cllck here to register.

Vishwa Kiran, CEO CarbookPlus, will be discussing  Connected Services to Connected World in the panel discussion on day 2 at the conference to give the industry insights on Internet of Things (IoT), Connectivity, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Connected Platform, Telecom, Shared Mobility, Smart Application, Fleet Service, Connected Solutions, Network for True Connectivity.

CarbookPlus: Hand in Hand with service partners

Mobile App for fleet management now also with the incident reporting feature

Wimsheim, 4. April 2017              The connected car platform for vehicles and drivers – CarbookPlus expands its free vehicle management services: It is now possible to forward Incident reports stored in the CarbookPlus cloud servers to the insurance company. As a further step, communication with the customer for dealers and workshops will be possible via the app.

CarbookPlus offers its users now the option to record incidents quickly where it occurred: For one, information and photos of the incident can be taken, and then there is the possibility to enter the other party information in order to create a complete incident report. License and insurance information can be comfortably saved via the App. The mobile solution correspondingly pre-populates the fields during the creation of a report. When all the data is entered, the user friendly interface allows the user then to send the report with just a click to the insurance.
Direct connect to dealers and workshops     
In the coming months, CarbookPlus also plans to offer a connection to dealers and workshops. This makes communication much easier: the service partners interact directly with their customers – a concept that benefits both sides. Vehicle holders can arrange appointments more quickly or ask for accessories directly. Dealers and workshops, on the other hand, have a suitable tool to approach their clientele in a personalized manner and increase customer loyalty.
Proven features for personalized pay-as-you-drive models         
By bundling all personal and vehicle-related information in real-time, CarbookPlus has proven itself in the field of insurance telematics for pay-as-you-drive policies. The independent and accurate assessment of the mobility behavior serves as an optimal basis for individually tailored insurance rates. Vehicle users are also given an insight into their behavior in road traffic and can thus improve their driving style. Accident damage can thus be actively prevented. The topic of data protection is not neglected. Only the data that is defined in the contract is provided to the insurance company.

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Manage your car related expenses conveniently using CarbookPlus!

Keeping in tune with our motto “Change the way you drive” we are happy to announce the enhancements to our mobile App – CarbookPlus. The app that serves as a digital logbook where users can automatically track their trips in real time, find the best fuel station on their way, manage their vehicles all very comfortably and much more.

The new “Expenses” feature lets a user easily save and edit his vehicle related expenses. This feature can be accessed from the main menu or the home screen. The expenses are categorized as: Fuel, Parking, Service, Insurance, Toll, Fines, Dining/Food, Tax, Car wash, others.

In each case, for a chosen vehicle, the user can either manually enter the costs and related information for e.g. the parking duration, or the amount of fuel etc. OR he can choose to instead click an image of the bill/cost receipt and simply attach it. CarbookPlus processes the contents of the bill using OCR and pre-populates the respective fields. It is important to note here that the quality of the image be good and that the bill is not dull/crumpled.

All your car related expenses in one place!

The following editable parameters are common to all the expense categories: The date and time, location and the total amount. The currency for the amount, by default is selected based on the locale settings of the mobile phone. Additional parameters such as fuel type, cost per liter and quantity (in liters), parking duration are available based on the selected category.

By turning the location setting to “ON”, one can select on map and save the address of the fuel station or the parking spot or any other place where the expense incurred.

With 1000+ installations already, it is our constant endeavor to deliver the best user experience.
Get the latest version now!
Current users please note: you may want to uninstall and reinstall the App to receive the latest updates.
For step by step illustrations, visit our support portal.

CarbookPlus wishes its users a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017

Lecture: Change the way you drive

The CarbookPlus platform CarbookPlus bundles all information – vehicle and driving behavior related in real time. It is a free service with which drivers can manage their vehicles or the entire fleet. The aim is to simplify the recurring activities related to the use of the vehicle. For e.g.: A digital logbook is an integrated feature which can be used for tax saving purposes. Similarly, the search for the best fuel station on the way or to remain connected with the community. Here, one can compare vehicles, insurances, dealers, service stations and can post important tips for the travel.


In addition, CarbookPlus enables an independent and accurate assessment of the mobility behavior with respect to the individual and vehicle and therefore serves as the basis for a personalized and usage dependent billing. The collected data could in future be used for Pay-as-you-drive polices in the Insurance telematics. Customers benefit then from the customized tariffs, individually tailored to them.


Thomas Widmann stellt presents CarbookPlus and its many advantages at the next meet of the BITKOM’s Big Data workgroup , to be held on the 14th September, 2016 in the Ernst & Young GmbH premises in Stuttgart.
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Digital Logbook, Recommendations and Pay as you drive Concept – all in one

CarbookPlus: Vehicle statistics on your mobile

Wimsheim, 25. August 2016                    Be it for individuals or companies,  be it for car drivers or truck drivers: The driver platform CarbookPlus, supported by the IT consulting company WidasConcepts presents free of cost vehicle management. At the core of the cloud platform CarbookPlus lie features such as the digital logbook, cheapest gas station on the way, as well as personalised and use-based insurance contracts.

The user friendly Platform CarbookPlus combines all Information about the vehicle and driving behaviour in real-time. This enables it to independently and accurately assess the mobility behaviour, with respect to the persons and the vehicle and therefore serves as an optimal basis for a personalised and usage-dependent billing.

Customized customer tariffs and improved cost calculation
The collected data can be used in the insurance telematics for pay as you drive policies. Customers profit from the tariffs that are personally tailored to them. So for e.g. the insurance premium for beginners can be noticeably reduced. For the insurance companies, using CarbookPlus means improved cost calculations and a step closer to customers.

„With CarbookPlus we bridge the gap between drivers and insurances.“, says Sadrick Widmann, managing director,  CarbookPlus GmbH. “In future, asymmetric models are going to increasingly dominate the vehicle insurance market. With this, one can clearly understand, what the insurance comprises of, and where, what kinds of costs incurred. ”

The driver uses CarbookPlus at the same time as a filter: Only the data that is specified in the contract will be provided to the insurances.

Recommendations in real-time assisting the driver
From the data, the driver can get useful insights, current traffic information informing well ahead in time about traffic jams or other obstacles and in addition points of interests or the cheapest petrol station on the way are displayed. With the digital logbook companies or individuals manage vehicles or entire fleets with minimal time and effort and without any hurdles.

High-tech association shows interest
In his lecture titled ‘Change the way you drive”, Thomas Widmann, founder and CEO, WidasConcepts GmbH, is going to present the platform on the 14th September to the Big Data working group of the digital association Bitkom.
The driver platform CarbookPlus offers features such as the digital logbook, cheapest gas station on the way and the Pay as you drive principle for insurances. (Photos: CarbookPlus GmbH)

About WidasConcepts GmbH
The innovative IT consulting company WidasConcepts supports its customers since 1997 in successfully shaping their business processes. WidasConcepts develops modern and future-oriented concepts in the areas of Big Data, Internet of Things, as well as mobile and web-solutions. It aims to create intelligent business solutions that brings more success to the customers in the competitive market. The company serves its customers strategically from the business analysis up to the implementation of the overall solution for a wide variety of platforms and end-devices. WidasConcepts transports the bigger picture of IT. The company headquartered in Wimsheim near Stuttgart. Along with the branch office in Bangalore, India, it has currently 80 employees and is a member of the high-tech Association BITKOM.


WidasConcepts GmbH
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Maybachstraße 2
71299 Wimsheim
Tel. 07044 95103-153

CarbookPlus at the Insurance Telematics Event in London

Pay as you drive solution for insurances

Wimsheim, 20. Juni 2016            At the Insurance Telematics 2016 to be held from the 28th – 30th of June in London, stall no. CC9, the driver platform CarbookPlus, supported by the IT Consulting firm WidasConcepts, is going to present its many advantages for drivers and insurance companies.  At the core of the cloud platform CarbookPlus lies features such as the logbook, best fuel stations on the way and in particular the Pay-as-you-drive-principle for insurance companies.       

The number of vehicles that are connected to the internet is constantly growing. The targeted infomormation exchange in the form of active support while driving is on one hand advantageous to the driver and on the other hand comprehensive amounts of usage – information can be gathered and evaluated for realtime insights. This aspect is of interest also for insurance companies.

Improved cost calculation and customized customer tariffs

The user friendly Platform CarbookPlus combines all Information about the vehicle and driving behaviour in real-time. This enables it to independently and accurately assess the mobility behaviour, wrt the person and vehicle and therefore serves as an optimal basis for a personalised and usage-dependent billing. It is therefore also possible, in future in Insurance-telematics to use the gathered data for Pay-as-you-drive-policies.

Customers profit from the tariffs that are personally tailored to them. So for e.g. the insurance premium for beginners (drivers) can be noticeably reduced. CarbookPlus is free, secure and reliable for them. Along with bringing about an improved cost calculation for the insurance companies. Vishwa Kiran, Product Manager for CarbookPlus on the advantages of data analytics: „ The future of mobility is to connect cars, things such as traffic lights, parking slots, processes and people. The communication via the Cloud enables tracking of trips, highlighting the places frequented or finding the best fuel stations. More over vehicle management and social sharing are qualitatively brought on over a whole new level of usability.  With CarbookPlus we have entered this emerging ecosystem of tomorrow, today.”

WidasConcepts will be at stall number CC9 at the event.


CarbookPlus: A Community following the networked mobility trend
Pforzheim/Stuttgart. The new Online-Community CarbookPlus offers all drivers and vehicle owners free services – all concerning the vehicle management. It brings together interested parties over a platform, where they can exchange information. New knowledge is derived out of the inputs from each individual. Vehicles, Insurances, dealers,service work-shops will be compared, and important tips for the trip is made available.

The connecting of cars and the internet is gaining more and more in significance. “It is time, going by this trend, that an independent Community-Platform is established”, thinks Thomas Widmann, Businessman from Pforzheim, Stuttgart. In the year 2011, he began to develop this idea with his team. The result is a platform that offers many advantages to its members. Private people and even businesses can manage their vehicles here. To keep true to the community-spirit, the platform with all its useful apps, is free of cost. Everything is meant to be simple and comfortable. When each individual input from the community is collected, new knowledge for each member can be derived there from.
Comparison of vehicle costs and consumptions, dealers and service workshop ratings help to optimize vehicle costs and the driving behavior. All this, independent of the manufacturer or other service providers. An obvious advantage being the transparency, so created. Also fuel prices, speed camera information during travel, are valuable indications for any member. This will be recorded on the Smartphone, during driving, using GPS. The Smartphone transfers this data to the personal vehicle files on the platform. The management of an electronic logbook will be very simple. All information about the vehicle and the driver will be dealt with trust and security. The more the members, the more everyone profits. One thing’s for certain: the networked mobility trend is here to stay. Find more about the community

Consultation partner for questions
Thomas Widmann
CarbookPlus GmbH
Maybachstrasse 2
D-71299 Wimsheim/Stuttgart
Fon: +49(0)7044 95103-100
Fax: +49(0)7044 95103-11100

About CarbookPlus:
The CarbookPlus GmbH provides a cost free Community-Platform CarbookPlus for the management of vehicle information. Drivers and vehicle owners can in a user friendly way, manage their vehicle data compare costs/eco-efficiency with the community and buy reasonably priced products. CarbookPlus connects a modern fleet management with all the benefits of a mobile and cost free social-community.

CarbookPlus Developed for India by WidasConcepts

16 November, 2015        WidasConcepts, an innovative consulting company which offers Big Data and IoT solutions, today announced that they have developed CarbookPlus, a Big Data vehicle management solution for the automotive-industry in India. CarbookPlus is a free, independent and user-friendly community platform that brings together all the information about the vehicles, helps drivers and car owners take judicial calls on how to manage, monitor and navigate their vehicles efficiently.

Mr Vishwa Kiran, CEO – India at WidasConcepts said, “With more than 90 percent of all innovations in the automotive industry based on electronics and IT systems, there is no dearth of data being generated by these vehicles. The number of vehicles, which are connected to the Internet, is increasing. These send and receive data via the cloud. User can be networked via open platforms and exchange relevant information which also actively support the driver and provides extensive usage information.”

CarbookPlus essentially crunches data that is supplied by vehicles and collates information from different sources such as maintenance log books, traffic cameras, fuel-station data and helps customers take real time decisions. The driver can see useful instructions such as speed-camera alerts, traffic info or the closest convenient gas station. Networked vehicles communicate with each other and warn themselves of road works, accidents, damaged roads, etc. With added features like ability to keep all bills related to the vehicle stored on cloud via mobile applications, CarbookPlus helps drivers to get information available from a single source. Ultimately CarbookPlus reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the vehicle for the driver or the owner.

Mr Vishwa Kiran further added, “Another feature is the community feedback, which helps users take critical decisions. Companies with fleet using this platform receive even a complete electronic fleet management using the platform.”