CarbookPlus at the Insurance Telematics Event in London

Pay as you drive solution for insurances

Wimsheim, 20. Juni 2016            At the Insurance Telematics 2016 to be held from the 28th – 30th of June in London, stall no. CC9, the driver platform CarbookPlus, supported by the IT Consulting firm WidasConcepts, is going to present its many advantages for drivers and insurance companies.  At the core of the cloud platform CarbookPlus lies features such as the logbook, best fuel stations on the way and in particular the Pay-as-you-drive-principle for insurance companies.       

The number of vehicles that are connected to the internet is constantly growing. The targeted infomormation exchange in the form of active support while driving is on one hand advantageous to the driver and on the other hand comprehensive amounts of usage – information can be gathered and evaluated for realtime insights. This aspect is of interest also for insurance companies.

Improved cost calculation and customized customer tariffs

The user friendly Platform CarbookPlus combines all Information about the vehicle and driving behaviour in real-time. This enables it to independently and accurately assess the mobility behaviour, wrt the person and vehicle and therefore serves as an optimal basis for a personalised and usage-dependent billing. It is therefore also possible, in future in Insurance-telematics to use the gathered data for Pay-as-you-drive-policies.

Customers profit from the tariffs that are personally tailored to them. So for e.g. the insurance premium for beginners (drivers) can be noticeably reduced. CarbookPlus is free, secure and reliable for them. Along with bringing about an improved cost calculation for the insurance companies. Vishwa Kiran, Product Manager for CarbookPlus on the advantages of data analytics: „ The future of mobility is to connect cars, things such as traffic lights, parking slots, processes and people. The communication via the Cloud enables tracking of trips, highlighting the places frequented or finding the best fuel stations. More over vehicle management and social sharing are qualitatively brought on over a whole new level of usability.  With CarbookPlus we have entered this emerging ecosystem of tomorrow, today.”

WidasConcepts will be at stall number CC9 at the event.