Manage your car related expenses conveniently using CarbookPlus!

Keeping in tune with our motto “Change the way you drive” we are happy to announce the enhancements to our mobile App – CarbookPlus. The app that serves as a digital logbook where users can automatically track their trips in real time, find the best fuel station on their way, manage their vehicles all very comfortably and much more.

The new “Expenses” feature lets a user easily save and edit his vehicle related expenses. This feature can be accessed from the main menu or the home screen. The expenses are categorized as: Fuel, Parking, Service, Insurance, Toll, Fines, Dining/Food, Tax, Car wash, others.

In each case, for a chosen vehicle, the user can either manually enter the costs and related information for e.g. the parking duration, or the amount of fuel etc. OR he can choose to instead click an image of the bill/cost receipt and simply attach it. CarbookPlus processes the contents of the bill using OCR and pre-populates the respective fields. It is important to note here that the quality of the image be good and that the bill is not dull/crumpled.

All your car related expenses in one place!

The following editable parameters are common to all the expense categories: The date and time, location and the total amount. The currency for the amount, by default is selected based on the locale settings of the mobile phone. Additional parameters such as fuel type, cost per liter and quantity (in liters), parking duration are available based on the selected category.

By turning the location setting to “ON”, one can select on map and save the address of the fuel station or the parking spot or any other place where the expense incurred.

With 1000+ installations already, it is our constant endeavor to deliver the best user experience.
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Current users please note: you may want to uninstall and reinstall the App to receive the latest updates.
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CarbookPlus wishes its users a very merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017