CarbookPlus: Hand in Hand with service partners

Mobile App for fleet management now also with the incident reporting feature

Wimsheim, 4. April 2017              The connected car platform for vehicles and drivers – CarbookPlus expands its free vehicle management services: It is now possible to forward Incident reports stored in the CarbookPlus cloud servers to the insurance company. As a further step, communication with the customer for dealers and workshops will be possible via the app.

CarbookPlus offers its users now the option to record incidents quickly where it occurred: For one, information and photos of the incident can be taken, and then there is the possibility to enter the other party information in order to create a complete incident report. License and insurance information can be comfortably saved via the App. The mobile solution correspondingly pre-populates the fields during the creation of a report. When all the data is entered, the user friendly interface allows the user then to send the report with just a click to the insurance.
Direct connect to dealers and workshops     
In the coming months, CarbookPlus also plans to offer a connection to dealers and workshops. This makes communication much easier: the service partners interact directly with their customers – a concept that benefits both sides. Vehicle holders can arrange appointments more quickly or ask for accessories directly. Dealers and workshops, on the other hand, have a suitable tool to approach their clientele in a personalized manner and increase customer loyalty.
Proven features for personalized pay-as-you-drive models         
By bundling all personal and vehicle-related information in real-time, CarbookPlus has proven itself in the field of insurance telematics for pay-as-you-drive policies. The independent and accurate assessment of the mobility behavior serves as an optimal basis for individually tailored insurance rates. Vehicle users are also given an insight into their behavior in road traffic and can thus improve their driving style. Accident damage can thus be actively prevented. The topic of data protection is not neglected. Only the data that is defined in the contract is provided to the insurance company.

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