Fleet management simplified with our free tool

Fleet managers increase efficiency and ergonomy with the CarbookPlus App

Wimsheim, 24. October 2017 The free cloud-based app from CarbookPlus fully and independently automates all the procedures, that Fleet managers have to keep an eye on: It captures the relevant data so as to save time, analyzes it and enables a comprehensive view of individual vehicles or the entire vehicle fleet in real-time. Through networked data and service-offerings, optimization potential can also be unfolded even in small and medium fleets. 

Fleet Management

In particular, fleet managers face a multitude of challenges in the efficient use of pool vehicles. Even in smaller car fleets, it is demanding to record the utilization and current position of the automobile as well as its technical condition as up-to-date as possible. Vehicle bookings must be managed, drivers assigned and all movements of the vehicles documented. CarbookPlus provides fleet managers with a handy ergonomic tool that combines all relevant information into a free app. Moreover, with an integration option for dealers, workshops and insurance companies, as well as digitally archivable and always readily accessible vehicle documents, every driver is well taken care of.

Everything in sight – Everything under control. 

Using an interactive dashboard, fleet managers assemble and monitor their fleet. The integrated service plan ensures optimum fleet utilization and efficiency: Using Live-status, it informs fleet managers and drivers about booked and available vehicles. Vehicle reservations for field service, in-house operations or for delivery teams can be carried out with just a few clicks. Each driver will be notified by the app of any allocated bookings and directly lead to the location of the vehicle. Bookings from the applicant can be looked up and canceled at any time in the app. The automatic tracking function using GPS enables the user to create a legally compliant, gapless logbook. Routes and trips can not only be planned, but also tracked and analyzed. Any deviations are marked by the system in order to optimize fuel consumption and the time taken for upcoming trips. Using geo-fencing, the fleet manager is also able to define travel boundaries. The system notifies him as soon as they are violated.

Travel and other costs can be settled promptly and recorded in the company: The required bills/receipts can be automatically read into the system by means of optical character recognition (OCR) and archived. They are forwarded through the app.

Reliability all around: Integrate service partners 

The system reminds fleet managers of customer service appointments and due insurance premiums, provided, that the workshops, dealers and insurance companies are integrated into the system. In the event of a breakdown or accident, users are not only able to get quick roadside assistance and automatically set off emergency calls. They can also create complete incident reports directly in the app and forward them to the insurance company. The integrated round-the-clock search for suitable workshops and emergency services completes the service offer. For fleet managers, this is another opportunity to reduce the time and cost.