Platform-Solutions – the future of fleet management

Sadrick Widmann,
CEO, CarbookPlus GmbH

Mr. Widmann, there are many digital logbooks out there. Why should customers choose CarbookPlus?
Because users with CarbookPlus can evaluate vehicle costs, fuel consumption or driver statistics in real time. And we also offer tools for companies – such as vehicle reservation system for fleets, driver assignment, route planning and optimization, and other reporting capabilities.

That is to say, CarbookPlus is a modern fleet management solution for SMEs?
Definitely. From discussions with SMEs we know that many fleet vehicles are not well managed at all or have bare minimum tools. Here, we not only offer an efficient and highly professional solution, it is also free for drivers and companies.
How does CarbookPlus finance itself when it’s free for drivers and businesses?
From the contribution that providers pay for additional services and interfaces to workshops, insurance companies, automotive dealerships or gas stations. This is also a real value add for the drivers and fleet managers, because they not only navigate to the nearest, cheapest petrol station or workshop, but also receive direct help from our app in the event of a breakdown or accident, or even handle the communication with the insurance company.

Do you think that such a platform solution will in fact succeed?
We are absolutely convinced. Because for drivers and fleet managers, the ease and comfort increases significantly. All you need is an app to centrally manages all your data, including receipts, invoices, and services. The added value for the service providers is high, who can communicate so directly with their respective target groups and potential new customers. A classic win-win scenario.