Manage your Fleet smarter with the CarbookPlus Fleet solution

We are happy to announce the release of the new version of our CarbookPlus Fleet software (v 1.8.0) and this in parallel with our redesigned vehicle App, available as a free download.  Fleet managers can register / login to our fleet application to access their own Admin console for managing their fleet operations.  Drivers can independently install the App on their Smartphones to track and record trips, enter expenses, and manage vehicle related data.

Integrated vehicle Solution: Features and Advantages:

  • User friendly central console for managing all the fleet operations, in web and on mobile.
  • Vehicle management – for an individual fleet or multiple fleets in case of large organizations.
  • Team management – invite members to join the fleet – be it drivers, managers or accountants.
  • Live tracking and monitor fleet drivers and vehicles – get real time alerts to make the right decisions, to know which vehicle/driver is idle.
  • Manage all vehicle related expenses – fuel costs, servicing, tolls, parking, insurances, etc.
  • Maintain logbooks of the individual vehicles – for tax and accounting purposes.
  • Set up geo fences for vehicles and know when the defined geo boundary is violated.
  • Set up reminders for vehicle servicing and insurance renewals.
  • Intelligent data analytics reports to further optimize utilization and reduce costs.

From managing fleet vehicles, drivers, logbooks, expenses, all the way up to even managing multiple fleets for large organizations, our cloud based solution is designed for the futuristic fleet. Learn more about the comprehensive built-in feature set: Fleet management Admin console

We welcome users, fleet managers to register, get onboard the CarbookPlus community and experience the CarbookPlus advantage. We would love to hear from you. Contact us with any questions – simply create priority tickets on our Support portal, or chat with us!