CarbookPlus: A Community following the networked mobility trend
Pforzheim/Stuttgart. The new Online-Community CarbookPlus offers all drivers and vehicle owners free services – all concerning the vehicle management. It brings together interested parties over a platform, where they can exchange information. New knowledge is derived out of the inputs from each individual. Vehicles, Insurances, dealers,service work-shops will be compared, and important tips for the trip is made available.

The connecting of cars and the internet is gaining more and more in significance. “It is time, going by this trend, that an independent Community-Platform is established”, thinks Thomas Widmann, Businessman from Pforzheim, Stuttgart. In the year 2011, he began to develop this idea with his team. The result is a platform that offers many advantages to its members. Private people and even businesses can manage their vehicles here. To keep true to the community-spirit, the platform with all its useful apps, is free of cost. Everything is meant to be simple and comfortable. When each individual input from the community is collected, new knowledge for each member can be derived there from.
Comparison of vehicle costs and consumptions, dealers and service workshop ratings help to optimize vehicle costs and the driving behavior. All this, independent of the manufacturer or other service providers. An obvious advantage being the transparency, so created. Also fuel prices, speed camera information during travel, are valuable indications for any member. This will be recorded on the Smartphone, during driving, using GPS. The Smartphone transfers this data to the personal vehicle files on the platform. The management of an electronic logbook will be very simple. All information about the vehicle and the driver will be dealt with trust and security. The more the members, the more everyone profits. One thing’s for certain: the networked mobility trend is here to stay. Find more about the community

Consultation partner for questions
Thomas Widmann
CarbookPlus GmbH
Maybachstrasse 2
D-71299 Wimsheim/Stuttgart
Fon: +49(0)7044 95103-100
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About CarbookPlus:
The CarbookPlus GmbH provides a cost free Community-Platform CarbookPlus for the management of vehicle information. Drivers and vehicle owners can in a user friendly way, manage their vehicle data compare costs/eco-efficiency with the community and buy reasonably priced products. CarbookPlus connects a modern fleet management with all the benefits of a mobile and cost free social-community.