Questions: CarbookPlus-Platform

What is a Gadget?

A Gadget is a window in the CarbookPlus-Platform. The vehicle profile-Gadget somewhat, makes it possible for you, as a vehicle owner, to edit vehicle data. Gadgets can be individually added or also be easily removed.

Why don’t I see my vehicle and my trips?

You’ve recorded a trip on the TrackingApp and also really saved!? CarbookPlus provides several ways to display the most recent trips and edit them. When the recording of the trip was successful, then there should only be one reason why you cannot see your trips and your vehicle: You probably used different accounts for the recording of trips with the TrackingApp and in iGoogle or in CarbookPlus-portal!

  • You use the gadgets that are made available from CarbookPlus, in iGoogle or CarbookPlus-Trip Management?
    Please compare your Smartphones account with the account that you used for logging in into iGoogle. Only with the Account you used to record your trips, can you also see your trips.
  • You are using the CarbookPlus portal and have registered with your Google Account?
    Compare the accounts here as well.
  • You are using the CarbookPlus portal and registered a with a CarbookPlus account that you have already created?
    Please check, if you have used this account also to record the trips with the CarboookPlus-TrackingApp.

Why does the CarbookPlus-Portal want to know my current location?

When CarbookPlus knows where you are at any moment, then accordingly, information can be prepared tailored to your surroundings. The list of speed cameras or cheapest fuel stations in the vicinity can therefore be efficiently presented.

You decide for yourself, if you want this feature. If not, no problem!

Why is the distance of my trip in the Trip Management Gadget so much?

For the distance calculation, the starting and the ending Odometer reading is used. With the regular use of the tracking app, is the recording almost gapless or consistent. With a good / normal GPS-receiver, the trips are recorded to an accuracy of upto 400m. The following causes lead to an erroneous distance:

  • • When adding the vehicle, no initial odometer reading was specified. This was as a result = 0 km and then while exiting the correct end odometer reading was specified.
    Best option is to now select the trip in the “My trips” gadget and edit the initial odometer reading.
  • • Your trip records are not gapless, as you have forgotten to track the previous trips. You did not adjust the initial odometer reading for the trip.
    This can happen! Select the trip in the “My trips” gadget or in the logbook and edit the initial odometer reading.

Questions: C+ Tracking App

Why does the CarbookPlus TrackingApp ask for my Password in my Android Smartphone?

For the safe-storage of user information, Android smartphones offer an account manager, so one does not have to login again and again. The safe-storage of information is carried out in conjunction with the apps that you are using. The CarbookPlus TrackingApp uses this mechanism. So you do not have to constantly re-login with your account in the CarbookPlus platform, the CarbookPlus tracking app finds out from the Account Manager, the previously stored user information and then gets a technical Id from e.g. Your Google Account.

Unfortunately, however, for the sake of security, each time you update an app, such as the CarbookPlus tracking app, the account manager resets the user information and you have to confirm your identity by entering your password. It looks as if the CarbookPlus-TrackingApp is requesting for the password, which is actually not so.

Why is the CarbookPlus TrackingApp not able to find my current location or not correctly?

The CarbookPlus TrackingApp uses the GPS Module of your Smartphone for tracking. The quality of the GPS information and in turn, the quality of the current location information depends on many other factors.

  • Along side GPS, the WLan is also turned on – the information comes in this case perhaps from the nearby located WLan. The information from the WLan is less accurate.
    Please ensure that WLan is turned off during the recording of trips.
  • GPS information is not received from a sufficient number of satellites
    When starting, just enter your location. During the trip the TrackingApp tries to repeatedly retrieve GPS information. Once it is there, the information is used for further recording of trips. At the end of the trip, please check the Odo-readings and the departure and arrival locations and correct them if necessary.
  • The GPS receiver is not functioning or turned off
    The GPS – receiver in the mobile end device should be turned on.

Why is the battery consumption of my smart phone so high, when I use the CarbookPlus TarckingApp?

The CarbookPlus TrackingApp uses the GPS Module of your Smartphone for tracking. The GPS coordinates are frequently determined, so as to be able to calculate the distance accurately. This is why comparatively more battery power will be needed. One must therefore watch out for the following:

  • For longer trips (duration) you should charge your smartphone with a USB car charger adapter and using your USB charging cable
  • For Android users: You should if possible turn off GPS after driving. By drawing down the top bar, and touching the GPS icon
  • For iPhone users: press briefly on the home button twice and then close the CarbookPlus TrackingApp

Questions: C+ BillCapturing App

From what distance should I scan/photograph the fuel receipt?

Distance does not really play such a big role. But you should make sure that the billing information, such as gas station, the quantity specifications, the unit and total price are visible on the screen.

Why does it take so long for the scanning of the fuel receipt? Can this be shortened?

The process is as follows: you take a photograph of the fuel receipt – this fuel receipt is then transmitted on to the CarbookPlus platform and digitized there – the information will then again be presented in CarbookPlus BillCapturing app for control and correction.

Often, the resolution of the digital camera in the smartphone is very high, and the image is correspondingly large. The transmission and processing take accordingly longer. For the capturing and the detecting of the receipt in CarbookPlus however, even a low resolution is sufficient. When you accordingly set this while scanning, then the scanning becomes very quick too.

Why is the recognition of fuel receipts not working properly for me?

The reasons here can be many:

  1. 1. The receipt itself is difficult to read or crumpled.
    Then it is advisable to nevertheless scan the receipt and correct the entries in the end. The document (the image) will be in fact attached to the cost.
  2. 2. The document is actually very readable. However, the document format is not readable by CarbookPlus because it is not trained to read the format.
    Proceed as described in 1. The CarbookPlus platform logs these recognition processes and the document formats are then trained from time to time, so that the recognition works in the future.