Logbook on your mobile

CarbookPlus makes it easy to keep track of your vehicle’s usage and costs. Simply feed in your trip details, costs and expenses into the Logbook and generate a trip expense reimbursement report for tax saving purpose.

The app records all the trips done in the vehicle. It uses advanced data analytics to create a clear logbook without gaps as expected by the tax authorities. Once the trips are saved, the artificial intelligence built into the system processes the data and also provides smart suggestions for any missing information.

You can even categorize business and personal trips and it supports multiple drivers for the vehicle too. If you have used one or
more of your vehicles to earn business income in a financial year, you can claim the related expenses as business expenses on your
income tax, leading to good savings.

Our app lets you deduct these expenses from your income and enables you to support the claim with documentation in the form of pictures of the receipts, bills, and other hard copies.
For claiming mileage and expenses made for business, the logbook provides an easy report that can be used as a trip reimbursement report.
The logbook can be printed, emailed or saved into a pdf file for any period of your choice.

Find the best fuel stations

Find the cheapest or the closest gas stations to your home or office and if you are on the road, use our apps’ real-time feed to get a list of gas prices for that area.
Fuel stations are filtered and displayed based on prices, travel time and your preferences. For e.g.: Stations within 5 km radius of either your current location (using GPS technology) or a set address marked out on the map. You can even map a route to the selected station at the touch of a button.

Additionally, you can mark your favorite stops (gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores) along your way.

Reliable Tracking and Reminders

With the CarbookPlus app, automatically track your trips on your phone. The trip route is captured using your phone GPS. The purpose of the trip and other trip details can be later updated. In addition, the app tracks things such as your speed, location and distance traveled.
CarbookPlus gives you timely reminders for when the next servicing is due or insurance renewal, etc.

Enterprise Features

When you have more vehicles or more drivers for a vehicle, CarbookPlus manages this for you.
…You can see where your vehicles currently are,
…when the next service scheduled for a vehicle is,
…how your vehicles are being driven,
…how much your vehicles cost
… all this, also in comparison with the other models in the CarbookPlus Community.

CarbookPlus, additionally offers providers the possibility to sell their vehicle-related services.

Real-time Driver Assistance

CarbookPlus uses GPS to find out the quickest route to your destination. It notifies you of speed cameras, construction work, traffic-jams, accident locations etc. With the live-routing and maps you can quickly figure out an alternate route. All this information can be recorded and shared with fellow drivers. You get notified also for e.g.: when a friend or other contacts on your phone is/are heading towards the same destination.

With CarbookPlus, you don’t just travel, you travel smart and intelligent to your destination.

Vehicle-related expenses monitoring

The CarbookPlus app helps you keep track of your car expenses- the money you spend on fuel, tolls, parking costs, maintenance, and services performed and due on your vehicle. Timely reminders for any upcoming car-service ensure that you don’t end up stranded on the curb.
An additional feature lets you add and monitor other expenses like fuel costs, travel-related expenses (food, incidental maintenance, trip-related stay etc.) so when you are on an official trip and want to record all the trip expenses required for bill reimbursement, simply take a pic of the bill and attach it here.

Fleet management and comparing expenses for multiple vehicles becomes much easier with this app as it can store fuel-fill and maintenance records for multiple cars too.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is achieved through the CarbookPlus community and is the big value-add generated by using CarbookPlus, and remains its main focus.

This app lets you and other users share updates with other members in their group. You can share driving experiences, road hurdles, traffic information and other notes and updates. This creates a win-win situation for everyone, drivers get access to real-time information and can hence plan or route their journey accordingly. It also helps avoid situations on roads which may lead to further congestion or traffic jams.