Connecting cars and people

CarbookPlus is your free vehicle-management service. The emphasis here lies in the simplification of recurring activities, like maintaining of logbooks, searching for the best fuel station on your way. Use CarbookPlus to manage your vehicles – be it as a vehicle owner, as a driver, or as a company.

CarbookPlus has been created to bring together people on a common driver platform to track, save costs, get real time updates, share and analyze driving. CarbookPlus is the next generation telematics platform that can provide vital driver insights.


The current iOS-version is available in App Store.

You can find the current Android-Version in Google Play.


Your Smart driving app

  • A Logbook where information is automatically logged and updated.
  • Get the most recent fuel prices for your vehicle.
  • Learn about and along with other drivers of the community.
  • Get quick help in case of any emergency.
  • With CarbookPlus you take the center stage.

The future of Mobility is to connect the vehicle and the driver

Enhance your driving experience

  • CarbookPlus leads you to the best fuel station located en route (based on prices, travel time and your preferences), saving you money!
  • CarbookPlus makes it easy for you to maintain your logbook.
  • Get real-time notifications such as speed camera warnings, traffic info, from your community.
  • Find vacant parking slots or even locate where you exactly parked the car.
  • Get timely reminders for the next scheduled service.
  • Get important feedback on driving behavior.

Driving made safer, easier & less expensive